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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a college degree is never complicated with

We are always ready to answer your questions and clear your doubts. Through our FAQ corner, you will be enlightened of the following queries on:

  • The use of accreditation
  • The degrees we offer and how buying a degree online can benefit you
  • The supporting documents you will receive
  • The privacy policy of our company in buying a degree online
  • The terms of use between us and the clients

All these and more will be clarified by us. If you have questions not in our FAQ, feel free to contact us and we will be very glad to be of service to you especially on buying a degree online.

How is your company different than others?


Why do I need a university degree?


Why should I avoid fake degrees, diploma mills or so called “life experience” degrees online?


What is your “Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”?


Where is your office?


Why is your price higher than others?


What is the extent of your customer service?


What kind of degrees do you offer?


What majors do you offer?


Can I request my university degree to be backdated?


Do you offer fake degrees or diploma mill degrees?


What is your university degree policy?


What are the security features of your university degrees?


Can I use the degree to apply for senior positions or government jobs?


If I order the degree only, can I order other items later?


How do I know your website is creditable and trustworthy? Why I should trust you?


What is the duration of the degree study?


What is my graduation date?


How is your company different?


Why can’t other providers do the same?


What is your support service?


What is the legal backing for your degrees?


Do you have a website for your universities?


Why should I not trust businesses with a Gmail or hotmail address as a customer service email address?


What is your degree reputation?


Can you tell us about your quantity control?


Do you provide TOEFL, IELTS or other professional qualifications?


Can I order my transcripts directly from the university or from you?


Is there any online or life experience degree mentioned in the degree or transcripts?


What kind of universities do you offer?


Where are these universities located?


Do these universities have physical campuses?


What is the reputation of these universities?


How long have these universities been established?


Do these universities have a website?


What is the degree verification process?


What are the university brochures?


What other items can I order with the degree?


What are the verification methods?


Are these universities nationally accredited?


Are these universities internationally accredited?


Are these university accredited by professional organizations?


What is your accreditation policy?


What is legalization?


Do I need legalization?


Do you offer legalization by a lawyer?


Do you offer notary public legalization?


Why should I trust that your degree is real and legal?


In which country should I get my degree legalized?


Do you offer government legalization?


Do you offer embassy legalization?


How can I know legalization of my degree is real?


How long will it take for my degree to be legalized?


What is your legalization policy?


Can the government or an embassy verify my degree?


Why do I need a thesis or dissertation in addition to a degree package?


What is a thesis / dissertation service?


Do you offer a thesis / dissertation service?


Do you offer a thesis writing service?


Can I request my thesis to be put in the university library and database?


How can I know my thesis is real and will be put in the university database?


How long will it take for my thesis to be prepared?


Can I order the thesis alone without the degree?


How do you handle customer information?


How would you handle my payment information?


Why I need to put my ID on the application form?


What are your payment methods?


Can I pay by debit card?


If I don’t have credit card, what are your payment methods?

Do you accept payment by PayPal?


How long will it take to ship my order?

Can I request my order to be shipped within 24 hours?


What are your shipping methods?


Can I request you to ship my package to another address?

Buying a college degree can save your life, find out how

For the ones that are interested in buying a college degree they should know they have many advantages. Maybe you do not believe but a college degree can save your life in many ways. First, you do not have to face the stress and the financial difficulties to sustain yourself during the years of study. Stress is a dangerous aspect that can affect one’s lives, it is the problem of the society in our century and you should know that dangerous diseases like strokes and heart diseases and obesity can also be produced by stress.

This is why you should take because the nights you lose learning at campus based universities and the stress associated with annoying professors and difficult coursework can cause a dangerous disease that can affect your health on long term. Many brainstorm diseases can be caused by insomnia and agitation and this is why you should avoid the stress of campus-based universities that can affect your healthy life style and can put in danger your well-being.

We encourage you buying a college degree that offers you the possibility to learn from the comfort of your home, when you have spare time and you are in the mood and you will enjoy the same benefits as the ones that have attended a campus based university. Food that is not healthy that you eat while you are in campus, night lost in clubs can parties with colleagues with plenty of hard music, drink and smoke can affect your healthy lifestyle, and you can get sick. If you consider buying a college degree you will not be affected by this unhealthy behavior and you will have the opportunity to learn in quietness , in the comfort of your own home, whenever you like.

When you plan buying a college degree you should know that we do not require you to attend the courses, we do not ask you to learn thousands of pages and you do not have to take exams. You have the unique opportunity to boost your education level with a degree that is easy to be obtained and offers multiple benefits. You can increase your social recognition, earn a better salary and obtain a promotion at the workplace. You avoid the stress of campus-based universities if you consider buying a college degree from us. We are affiliated with accredited universities all over the world and we are able to confer degrees in exchange of a small fraction of the cost of traditional learning. You should know that when you are buying a college degree you save money on tuition costs, accommodation and transport and you can focus on the tasks you have at work in order to boost your career. We are ready to confer you the degrees in which you are interested if you prove you have the necessary skills, work experience or previous knowledge that makes you eligible for the job. The fee that you pay to us is small compared to the costs of traditional learning and you do not have to rely on the financial help of the family in order to sustain yourself during the years of study.

Buying a college degree you can benefit of a promotion at the workplace, obtain a salary increase, secure a prosperous future for you and your family and obtain the job that you have always dreamed. We are sure that you can benefit of the trust of the employers and coworkers if you are buying a college degree and you keep it a secret the fact that you were able to obtain the degree in exchange of a fee. You will gain the trust of the business partners if you have a business of your own and you will gain the respect of the clients if you are consider a professional and expert in your domain of activity. All this is possible, if you are buying a college degree from us and you learn on your own, from the comfort of your home, whenever you have spare time.

Buying a college degree can help you in many ways: you will simply impress the others and you will benefit of a great competitive advantage among other job seekers. All this is possible buying a college degree and avoiding the stressful and difficult campus life in traditional universities that can cause you health problems.


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